Comprehensive Valuation Solutions for Your Business


The Virtual Appraisal


  • 1-2 day turn time
  • Cost is half of a traditional appraisal
  • Full interior inspection, accurate and compliant
  • Social Distancing compliant! Appraiser does not enter the home
  • Inspector virtually walks through home using our proprietary smart phone technology
  • Provides homeowner peace of  mind

Demonstrates your commitment to use technology for fast closings and buyer cost reduction.


  • Complies with GSE/Agency Covid19 guidance for Desktop Appraisals
  • As part of a special GSE pilot for first mortgage origination appraisals

Enhanced borrower experience:

  • No need to take time off from work
  • Inspections completed according to borrower/realtor schedule
  • Simple web-calendar to schedule appointment
  • No late or missed appointments by appraiser
  • No stranger entering the home
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    Valuation Services

    Our technology platforms bring dependability, efficiency and accuracy to the valuation ecosystem, helping to improve the customer experience.


    First Mortgage

    Fundamentally, residential appraisals for first mortgages have not changed in over 30 years. Valligent has made a variety of breakthroughs in technologies and processes that are driving fundamental transformation of the residential appraisal and mortgage industry as a whole. Leveraging propriety patent pending processes, Valligent is significantly altering the status quo by reducing cycle times and decreasing costs while increasing quality standards.


    Equity Lending

    Since its inception in 2003, Valligent has established itself as a leader in Equity Lending valuations. Years before the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines provided specific valuation requirements for loans of $250,000 and less, Valligent consistently leads the way in best practices and technology. Our extensive experience in Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics, mobile applications, digital platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) is providing new ways to engage customers, reduce cost and improve efficiency. This all translates to finely tuned workflows, highly trained valuation analysts and service levels measured in minutes, not weeks.

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    Default Servicing

    Lenders are experiencing significant losses in Mortgage Default Servicing due in part to property disposition decisions based on inaccurate valuations. The collateral valuation tools typically utilized are woefully inadequate and often biased, resulting in unnecessary losses. Valligent’s innovative valuation solutions incorporate proper market analysis and strongly supported value conclusions, which are critical aspects of loss mitigation.


    Capital Market

    The loan portfolio securitization market requires exceptional confidence in the underlying collateral. Valligent is an innovator in portfolio analysis, bringing to the table new valuation technologies and systems that coupled with our many years of securitization expertise result in highly accurate, time and cost efficient portfolio valuation outcomes.

    Compliance Solutions

    Regulatory scrutiny is at an all-time high and Valligent provides an innovative and proven approach to collateral compliance from origination through investor sale. Thorough underwriting of the high risk appraisals at the origination alleviates surprise appraisal costs throughout the loan life cycle.

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    Appraisal Underwriting Solutions

    Our extensively experienced team of appraisal underwriters specialize in the review of high risk appraisals utilizing our national MLS data sources and local market analytics to produce comprehensive underwriting reports that specifically address all SSR risk flags, regulatory compliance and appraisal value validation.

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    QC and Regulatory Audit Solutions

    From a Quality Control standpoint, Valligent can help our lender and investor clients avoid the mistakes of the past through quality control audits, prior to funding reviews, and Appraisal Management Company and panel management services.

    Forensic Valuation Review Solutions

    Valligent has extensive experience in the role of unbiased arbiter and investigator in loan put back recommendation and defense. Our team of highly experienced forensic reviewers leave no stone unturned in determining the true market value at a given point in time, and our conclusions are backed up with rock solid support.

    Valuation Intelligence

    Valligent has developed groundbreaking technologies that extract actionable insights from an ocean of real estate data. Our processes have been sharpened over decades of in-depth knowledge and experience.

    Acuity Valuation Neural Network

    Acuity is a secure, cloud-based workflow engine that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and turns data into useful analytic insights to power the future of property valuations. Combined with the skilled knowledge of a valuation analyst, this intelligent machine learning platform leverages customized software and automated business processes as a hub to bring efficiency and confidence to real estate valuations. Acuity can be integrated with a variety of user interfaces and portals in a secure and compliant business environment.


    Innovative Workflow

    We have re-engineered the residential real property valuation process from start to finish employing innovative technologies and the most efficient workflows possible. The results are accurate, compliant, significantly lower cost and lightning quick solutions that are the first of their kind.


    Expert Systems

    Our .net database structure defines and stores all relevant property information data fields necessary to thoroughly support a valuation. We have designed our technology to display this information in an unlimited number of formats, from standard appraisal forms to any client-specific custom format desired. Our proprietary forms engine can create custom formats in a matter of days.


    Valuation Experts

    Re-engineering an expansive and often complex system such as national residential real property valuation does not happen overnight. Valligent has been developing and refining best practices to achieve the most time and cost efficient compliant valuation for more than 15 years. The combination of our proprietary technology and thoroughly trained expert analysts is revolutionizing residential property valuation nationwide.