QC and Forensic
QC and Forensic

Mortgage lenders today face challenges from both the future and the past. New regulations, mandates of further separation of valuation and loan production departments, and greater scrutiny from investors lie just ahead. From behind, lenders face the threat of loan buyback requests, often due simply to shifting market conditions. Valligent is here to help.


QC and Forensic (Click Diagram to Enlarge).

Valligent has spent the past several years assisting our clients with loan putbacks on both sides of the equation. Whether from the side of the investor or the lender, Valligent has extensive experience in the role of unbiased arbiter and investigator in loan putback recommendation and defense. Our team of highly experienced forensic reviewers leaves no stone unturned in determining the true market value at a given point in time, and our conclusions are backed up with rock solid support. Valligent has the experience in forensic valuation services to lead your firm to the proper conclusions with fully transparent products delivering conclusive support for our recommendations.

From a Quality Control standpoint, Valligent can help our lenders and investors avoid the mistakes of the past through quality control audits, prior to funding reviews, and AMC and panel management services.

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