Mortgage Servicing
Mortgage Servicing

Lenders are experiencing significant losses in Mortgage Default Servicing due in part to property disposition decisions based on inaccurate valuations. The collateral valuation tools typically utilized are woefully inadequate and often biased, resulting in unnecessary losses. Valligent’s innovative valuation solutions incorporate proper market analyses and strongly supported value conclusions which are critical aspects of loss mitigation.

Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage Servicing (Click Diagram to Enlarge).

Valligent is an experienced partner in the area of Collateral Asset Inspection and Valuation, but one with a new approach. We spend the time and utilize the experts necessary to fully analyze the market and trend information, make use of the most relevant and industry-best analytical tools and AVM technologies, and provide the most accurate and timely collateral valuation solutions and inspections -- all completely free of bias.

Valligent’s approach includes the use of appraisers for the end valuation process, coupled with the use of highly experienced local realtors providing inspection and marketing recommendations. Our recent IOS Inspection Technology advancements provide full inspection reports minutes after the inspector is driving away from the property. In addition, we validate the identity of the inspector at the property, to ensure that the experienced professional initially engaged is the one completing the assignment. In the area of collateral valuation within default servicing, Valligent’s solutions are second to none.

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