First Mortgage
First Mortgage

The future of mortgage origination requires a holistic approach to appraisal management, quality control, adherence to regulatory guidelines and long term secondary market loan approval. Valligent solutions do not end at origination; we are uniquely experienced and tailored to support our clients throughout the loan life cycle.


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At Valligent, we have helped hundreds of clients enhance their collateral lending workflows through our unique Collateral Underwriting Outsource Solutions, Investor Securitization Reports, and innovative and efficient operations, while at the same time protecting our clients from ever-present put-back risk. With a highly seasoned panel of valuation professionals, industry know-how obtained through years of management of complex appraisal situations and valuation of unusual properties, coupled with our vast experience in the Capital Markets, Mortgage Servicing, and Forensic Valuation arenas, Valligent can provide the right answers to your unique challenges.

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