Equity Lending
Equity Lending

Valligent has always been quick to provide efficient and innovative solutions to protect our clients from collateral overvaluation, and to provide insight and recommendations in the area of regulatory compliance. As a result of the recent changes in the Interagency Guidelines lenders needed to quickly replace their stand-alone AVM valuation methodology to include inspections, evaluations and hybrid appraisals. Valligent was first to market with these solutions and continues to be a leader in the ever-evolving regulatory landcape. 




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Valligent has developed fully compliant solutions for lenders throughout the country which include Equity Line Valuation solutions, Line Management alternatives, and Risk Mitigation strategies. We combine the top AVM options available in the market with Valligent’s innovative, Interagency and USPAP-compliant appraiser-driven alternative valuations, resulting in the highest level of confidence available within the Equity Lending arena. In addition, Valligent has developed proprietary technologies which combine to provide extremely efficient workflow solutions which result in significant savings of both time and cost.  



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